New toy

For Christmas, I got a Elecno Scarab Robot Kit! I was so excited that I started to build it right away! Ha! I am a kid at heart, after all. So far, I am about 25% of the way finished. I still need to break out the soldering iron and work on the circuit board, but its coming along. Here is an in progress shot of where I am now. I’ll be sure to post a video when its finished!

IMG_6016Update – 01/25/2015

Well I finished this little robot kit. They had pretty clear instructions, without having to take you by the hand and show you. If you follow their instructions it is fairly simple to do. Even for the complex build that it is. I have it programmed to backup and rotate to the right after it strikes an obstacle. IMG_6148 IMG_6149 IMG_6153 IMG_6152 IMG_6151 IMG_6150

Here is a small clip of it in action.


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