Doggy Penthouse

Ok, so, as crazy as this may project may seem, you have to admit that its pretty clever. Its a doggy penthouse! As I mentioned in my Mid-Century Dog Bed post, we have 2 pups. Both of their kennels are in our kitchen that is not-so-big. In order to save space, I came up with a solution that not only looks cool, but saves space! I simply stacked the smaller kennel on top of the larger one and cut out plywood pieces that would act as a ramp. I then covered the plywood with some old carpet pieces I had laying around in the basement. This way, our little Chihuahua, Edgar, would have some foot traction while walking up to his second story home. Pictured below, though, is Lulu. She actually lives on the bottom floor of the Chihuahua house.



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