DIY Chimney Caps

Here something my wife and I did over the spring… chimney caps.

We have 3 large chimneys that were starting to crumble. The concrete caps were disintegrating and most of the mortar on the top 2 to 3 layers of bricks was practically non-existent.

We had a few quotes for repairs and some were in our price range, but still very expensive. One was so outrageous they must have thought is was 3 chimneys on 3 different houses! So I decided we would do this our selves. First weekend we removed the crumbling caps, including the stacks and then replaced the mortar. And left that to cure over the next week.


I went to a metal warehouse and bought 2 sheets of 0.063″ aluminum 4′ x 10′.  The guy who helped me get it off the rack laughed when he asked where my truck was and I pointed to my 2010 Hyundai Accent hatchback. He stopped laughing after I simply rolled it up threw a ratcheting strap around it and tightened it down to a 2.5′ x 4′ roll, then tossed it in the back.

20141029_170101At first I wasn’t sure how to cut it. The tin snips would cut threw it like it was nothing, but left jagged, razor sharp edges and I did not want to deal with that. So I use a utility knife to score it and simply bent it back and forth a couple times, till it snapped, making a nice clean edge. To cut the main pieces out I used a straight edge and clamping it down so it wouldn’t move on me. I decided to make the longer sides fold over the shorter sides. I did this so there would not be any sharp corners that would keep the strap from sliding, as it was tightened.



To bend these pieces at the edges I used a few 2 x 4’s and a couple of clamps to hold it as I gently ….pounded the heck out of it!

IMG_5784I basically made a shallow aluminum pan that we turned upside down over the chimneys. I had some rubber membrane left over from my walk-in shower install. We secured that around the edge of the brick, then snugged the cap over top. It worked great to help seal the caps to the chimneys. I came up with a strapping system using plumbing strap with a bolt, nuts, washers and aluminum angle pieces, to tighten it all down. See the diagram below if you want to know how it worked.

Strap system



This one needed a vent, since my water heater still uses it as an exhaust.

Thanks for stopping by.




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