Perfect Twist

If you are like me you have a collection of DC power supplies you just cant seem to part with or spare cords, audio, video cables… You get the idea. I was always looking for a way to store them and keep them organized. I use 2-3 inch clippings of electrical wire as twist ties to wrap up the cables and then put them into shoe boxes, small totes, even plastic grocery bags (which then can be hung up also). Use a marker to write what’s in each and my work space is starting to become less cluttered. (small grin from my wife saying “I still have a long way to go on the clutter”)

As always if you guys like my tips please share and comment.

Update 12/17/2014
I recently saw an item at Home Depot that was essentially what I am using. They were a pack of 5 for $10. Should have marketed that!


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