DIY Anywhere Flashlight Holder

Here is one for those handy people who like to make things for themselves instead of paying for it.
I recently saw one those Gorilla Grip holders in a store and thought it was a good idea, but decided to make my own.
Here is how I made mine.
You will need:
2-3 ft of 12-14 AWG electrical wire
wire cutters
needle nose pliers
utility knife
wire nuts

Start by stripping the main insulation off the wire.cutting

With the white and black wires do a double wind around your flashlight and give them a few twists.


Now use the bare ground copper wire to wrap them together. (I wrapped it also with electrical tape to cover any sharp edges .)

wrapping it up

You can straighten all the legs and clip the ends to make them even. I also added the wire nuts to the legs to keep them from scratching anything, or jabbing you in the eyeball when working it close quarters.

even      wire nuts


If at this point you find that your flashlight tends to slide out to easily, then just bend the two sets of wire rings apart. This will give it just enough tension to stay put.

adjustment        standing

If you liked this project please share and comment, or if you have any suggestions for improvements.
Test it out and happy DIYing!

Thank you for dropping by.


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